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Asymmetric, intricate design
Easy to hang up towels.
Pipe racks can be arranged on the left or right, or remain open.
Integrated valve fitting, concealed connection.

The airy lightness of the vibrant dynamics has been retained along with the exciting asymmetry, but now the design is even more harmonious than before thanks to the clear linearity of the transverse pipes. Another new feature is the integrated valve fitting for effective energy-saving control. The connections are elegantly concealed by a cover rosette and there is a perfectly integrated thermostatic sensor head. Improved heat output and the robust and extremely installation-friendly fixing technology are further benefits that make the Icaro even more appealing. It has also got flexibility down to a tee: Simply rotate it about its own axis to create a left or right-hand version.

Trend colours for individual interior design.

Apart from its shape, the colour of a radiator is what really determines its aesthetic impact. That’s why all our radiators are available with paint finishes in four Kermi colour editions and RAL CLASSIC colours. We have focused on the latest trends in interior design: the Metallic edition features cool Grey, Blue, and Black shades, the Terra edition ranges from expressive Brown shades through to Noble Gold and Pink, the Pastell edition delivers soft, discreet shades with subtle variations, and the Nature edition offers natural colours such as Green, Yellow, and Brown.

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