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Unique design comprising modular star-shaped elements.
Ample gaps make it easy to hang towels.
Fixing not visible from the front.

Ideos embodies both in an absolutely unique way. Star-shaped elements combine to form one captivating whole with a truly distinctive appearance. Consistently designed down to the last detail. In the V-version, an element serves as the panel, concealing the connection in its entirety.

At the same time, the thermostatic sensor head is perfectly integrated into the design of this single element. And even on the compact version, the fixing point is not visible from the front.

Trend colours for individual interior design.

Apart from its shape, the colour of a radiator is what really determines its aesthetic impact. That’s why all our radiators are available with paint finishes in four Kermi colour editions and RAL CLASSIC colours. We have focused on the latest trends in interior design: the Metallic edition features cool Grey, Blue, and Black shades, the Terra edition ranges from expressive Brown shades through to Noble Gold and Pink, the Pastell edition delivers soft, discreet shades with subtle variations, and the Nature edition offers natural colours such as Green, Yellow, and Brown.

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