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MILANO, an iconic radiator from 2006 designed by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti, unmistakable for its sinuous and sculptural body, has been made in an unprecedented horizontal version, for wall-mounted or floor-standing installation.

The intriguing new look of this radiator body makes it possible to explore new positionings which were unthinkable up until now.

For those designers or home-owners who don’t want to forgo the charm of a radiator under a window or in front of a glazed wall while seeking a product with a contemporary design providing superior performance levels, MILANO/horizontal is an original solution with a stately silhouette.

From a technical perspective, MILANO/horizontal is electrically powered and can be programmed weekly when connected to a wireless thermostat.

Available in two lengths, MILANO/horizontal is ideal for customising the most neglected corners of a setting, as it appears to float just a few centimetres above the floor.