Acticon Easy-Vent ventilation units

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Acticon Easy-Vent ventilation units for Termolux steel panel radiators

Since 2012, Küttemaailm OÜ represents Sweden’s top manufacturer in the field of ventilation – Acticon AB.
Acticon develops and markets ventilation products for air ducts behind heaters, professional kitchens and exhaust systems. The company started in 1992 and its sales, development and production facilities are located in Bankeryd, near the town of Jönköping in southern Sweden.

The business idea of Acticon is to offer the customer added value through innovative products and professional support. This approach has led to many patents and trademarks, including Easy-Vent and Flipper.
Acticon AB has a strong position in the Swedish construction market. Their customers are installation contractors in the areas of heating and ventilation.

Almost 15 years ago, they created a revolution in the domestic ventilation sector by launching the Easy-Vent outside air unit. It is an ingenious ventilation device that is installed behind a radiator and supplies the dwelling with filtered and preheated fresh air. It works without noise. The Easy-Vent device is currently the market leader in Sweden.

Easy-Vent Renovation is used in the renovation of older dwellings. Models Flex and Mini can be installed even without removing the radiator.

Compared to its competitors, Easy-Vent stands out:

  • Customers like the design of the product and its high-quality finish, as well as the convenient way of changing the filter.
  • Quick and easy installation: time is an important factor in installation, especially in apartment buildings.
  • As a result, more than 300,000 Easy-Vent units have been sold in Sweden since 1992.

The Flipper air duct device is a new and widely appreciated product in schools, offices and public buildings. This unique air duct device is fully self-regulating, has no motor, and is adapted for both constant and variable air flow. Flipper also provides protection against exhaust gases.

In its daily work, Acticon AB constantly develops its products in cooperation with the best heating and ventilation experts.

Product development
Their dedicated air and acoustic laboratory plays a major role in providing you with the best products on the market. The laboratory is not only used for testing new and existing equipment, but it also serves as a training centre for their employees and customers.
Flexible and rational production is ensured by fast delivery.

Environment and quality
Acticon AB aims to create a sustainable, healthy and safe indoor climate. This means that their products must be of sufficient quality to provide maximum comfort over a long life cycle. They work based on quality and environmental management standards that meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Note! We have filters for Acticon Easy-Vent ventilation units available in stock. For more information, please contact us or visit our showroom!