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Add_On is a modular designer radiator in recyclable aluminium designed to blend in seamlessly with domestic interiors almost like a work of art. It looks like a sculpture-object, far removed from conventional radiators and capable of shaping highly creative solutions according to both the heating requirements and the interior design.

Available in both the hydraulic and the electric versions, Add_On consists of a series of interconnected modules that come together like a puzzle, affording the utmost flexibility of adaptation: this can therefore result in a square designer radiator, or instead a rectangular one, or even a freely shaped one. However, Add_On can also be used as a partition in the in-wall version, becoming a genuine heating wall that is incorporated into the interior structure and constituting one of the most innovative and unique features of this range.

The superior degree of innovation in both the technology and the design of Add-On has meant that this radiator was the perfect choice for the curators of several exhibitions as part of the Venice Art Biennale and is part of permanent collections on display in famous museums and institutes, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris.