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Kermi convectors.
High design standards coupled with powerful heat output.

Small, compact, and bursting with energy. Kermi convectors are ideal for rooms with large areas of glass. With their high heat output, they form an invisible heat protection shield and prevent the stream of cold air spreading through the room.

Compact, elegant thermal comfort.
Ideal in front of floor-to-ceiling window areas.

Whether curved, with one or more angles, or coupled – our convectors are extremely flexible in terms of their ability to adapt to the architectural environment. When combined with the appropriate accessories, they even become a bench or window sill. Once again, energy can be saved thanks to an invisible radiation shield that is integrated into the rear side of the convector, reducing heat loss on the glass surface by up to 80 %.

Kermi KNN convector. Elegant thermal comfort in a highly compact package.

Extremely shallow in height, colossal in heat output, Kermi convectors are the ideal heat distribution solution, particularly in rooms with large-surface exterior glazing such as panoramic windows, display windows, or conservatories. Short heating period, high control sensitivity. Delivered turnkey in superb quality, complete with ready-to-install protective packaging. Optionally with or without decorative cover. And easy to install without any problems with the universal connector.

Kermi KNV valve convector. With fully integrated valve fitting.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and large areas of exterior glazing require special radiator solutions. Kermi valve convectors are made for this purpose. Elegant, compact, and with powerful heat output – for equally impressive yet unobtrusive integration into the interior design concept. This is where high design standards meet optimal heat output control. The integrated valve fitting eliminates the need for the flow and return next to the convector. This does not just have a positive impact on the appearance but also on the installation time.



Trend colours for individual interior design.

Apart from its shape, the colour of a radiator is what really determines its aesthetic impact. That’s why all our radiators are available with paint finishes in four Kermi colour editions and RAL CLASSIC colours. We have focused on the latest trends in interior design: the Metallic edition features cool Grey, Blue, and Black shades, the Terra edition ranges from expressive Brown shades through to Noble Gold and Pink, the Pastell edition delivers soft, discreet shades with subtle variations, and the Nature edition offers natural colours such as Green, Yellow, and Brown.

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