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A radiator designed as an element of the architectural structure, which immediately proved to be capable of opening up new interior design horizons and revolutionising the world of radiators.

Its iconic and sculptural design can imbue a strong personality into its surroundings.

Entirely made of carbon steel and available in both the hydraulic and in the electric version, the Milano radiator can be installed vertically floor-standing, wall-mounted or hanging from the ceiling, creating highly attractive scenic solutions.

In the wall version, it is the ideal designer radiator for residential and accommodation settings where the wall needs to be adorned with a sinuous and original design feature.

It is available in three heights (170, 200 and 230 cm), in both the hydraulic and in the electric version. It is equipped with a linear support which is recessed into the underside to allow connection without any visible cables or technical connections. This makes Milano an item of interior décor that goes far beyond its primary technical function, and turns it into a genuine sculpture capable of defining a wall with a strong personality.

Milano is also available in the ceiling variant thanks to a special, innovative solution designed by Tubes for its installation: the kit of seven different height tie-rods (from 40 to 150 cm) means the radiator can be positioned at the desired height, leaving the walls and the floor free. Tubes thus offers the opportunity to achieve a scenic solution that proves especially effective in the composition of several elements hanging at different heights.

It is available in three heights (170, 200 and 230 cm), only in the electric version.

Its iconic shape and state-of-the-art design have allowed it to become part of the permanent design collection on exhibit at the Die Neue Sammlung museum in Munich.

A sculpture, an iconic design object that is set to play the starring role in any setting.