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The Scudi modern radiator heating has an unusual and unique shape. The sophisticated design of Massimo Iosa Ghini has been brought to life thanks to the most sophisticated technology branded Antrax IT. The shape of the modern radiator recalls the movement of a shield, the silhouettes of which become elegant and highly original.

The Scudi modern radiator heating comprises three elements made up of a 2 cm thick steel plate with an original curved trapezoidal shape. This outline unequivocally recalls a shield, which crosses and overlaps as if in battle. This product embodies in its design all the strength of an object used in battle for centuries, a designer radiator that incorporates its very essence.

This truly original object, thanks the possibility of installing it both vertically and horizontally, affords an unusual versatility of positioning where the sense of stability and sobriety is retained by a controlled balance of shape and proportions. Thanks to these characteristics, it is a modern radiator heating that can be used to heat while conveying strength and dynamism to a living room or entrance hall.

The radiator can be customised in over 200 different colour variants, thereby blending in with the mood of each individual home. Indeed, Antrax has always attempted to make all its products extremely versatile in order to accommodate all the possible requirements of a varied market. To this end, the modern radiator heating becomes a styling product that is perfectly capable of decorating a room, as well as being a simple functional object. The radiator is no longer seen as an object to hide away, but rather as a feature to emphasise, to position in the middle of a wall or within an illuminated alcove.

The outstanding success of this product has led Antrax to research and create its electric version in the horizontal configuration. This new version supplements the already extensive range of electric products in the Griffe line designed also to be installed in homes equipped with photovoltaic panels that enable independent electricity production.