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Teso coloured radiator can be installed horizontally and vertically and in both cases can also be used as an elegant towel warmer. With the new version of Teso, designed by Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, Antrax IT has created the perfect combination of elements: the radiator is placed at the service of order and comfort, but it can also coordinate perfectly with its surrounding environment.

As a matter of fact, the company offers the complete personalisation of Teso: the thin arm anchored to an aluminium plate onto which one can hang towels, dressing gowns or, if installed near the entrance, coats, which can now be requested in over 200 colours.

The client can choose to opt for a stark colour contrast, a subtle game of shades or even go for a single-colour decorative-heating solution to minimise Teso’s impact: the decision lies in the client’s hands.

Designed in an extruded aluminium profile, Teso coloured radiator can be positioned both horizontally and vertically and is made up of a large 25cm module which can be installed individually or in two or three pieces; its height is variable and available in 150cm, 170cm and 200cm.

The colour scheme available makes Teso a decidedly flexible radiator: a technological ally which completes the domestic or contract spaces it inhabits with character, elegance or vivacity.

Teso coloured radiator…a warm travel companion: discrete, accommodating, helping to keep things tidy, but with a handy hook for potential unsuspected mess. Everything can appear perfect and at the same time perfectly casual, without ever arousing unease.

An unusual musical instrument always in your memory, but never created.

A free composition of shapes that, subjectively dressed, become new inspirations for decoration, never the same, never repetitive, breaking the mould, fantasy and taste personalised by a reassuring warmth, next to which you can hide at “cold” times. Architecture? Design? Perhaps…