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FRT trench heater with lamellar heat exchanger.

FRT trench heaters with forced convection via a fan provide a very good thermal output. This is achieved via installed fans with longitudinal tangential rotors, which force air into a heat exchanger with lamellas.

The fans are fitted with effective electrically commuted (EC) motors functioning on the basis of the safe voltage of 24 V DC. The motors consume verry little electric power. The speeds of fans are controlled continuously with a controlling voltage of 0…10 V DC. The room thermostat secures the correct function of all installed FRT trench heaters, compares the set and actual temperature in the room, opens the flow of the heating medium in the heat exchanger and controls the fan’s revs according to the difference in the temperatures and the set mode of operation.

The use of new technologies secures the optimal heating of the interior, which results in energy savings, the economical operation of the trench heater, and the high efficiency and flexibility of heating. The trench heater is powered with safe voltage only, all components are powered with a direct current of 24 V DC.

The substantial range of the heights and widths of trench heaters gives the designer a lot of options for selecting a model with the required output for the composition of the floor in question. The necessary data are presented in data sheets of individual products, including the acoustic parameters of the trench heaters.