Katherm HK

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Heat Pump Ready

This product is suitable for use with a heat pump or other low temperature system. Reduce your energy requirements, operating costs and emissions with our Heat Pump ready range of products. And make you and your customers less dependent on fossil fuels.

We have appropriate heat pump solutions for many applications, from industrial sheds, office buildings, hotels to private homes.

State-of-the-art EC tangential fans with low power consumption ensure energy-saving operation combined with low sound levels. The fixing system in the floor trench, perfected over many years, which also incorporates sound decoupling ensures that the unit can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

It’s unique! The Katherm HK can be cleaned simply and easily, thanks to its well thought-out design in accordance with the requirements of the Hygiene Directive VDI 6022. The Katherm HK is hygienically flawless, thanks to improved condensate discharge in cooling mode, coupled with the ease of cleaning of the condensate tray.

Direct electric heating
Electric heating with a continuously variably controllable electric heating coil is possible in addition to water-based heating and cooling with the 2-pipe Katherm HK E version with an integrated electric heating coil. Compared to a pure 2-pipe system, the room user has the option of individually determining their room climate independently of the heating or cooling system setting. The use of Katherm HK E offers benefits compared to a traditional 4-pipe system, which also have a positive impact on the sustainability rating of a building.

Perfectly controlled 
The Katherm HK is equipped with intelligent KaControl room automation. It is factory-fitted and can be used for KaControl networks or for building automation systems, such as KNX, modbus or CANbus, and meets the requirements of the most modern building automation systems.

Available in a range of different trench widths and heights, the Katherm HK delivers an optimised output range for demand-led heating and cooling from the floor. With practical length increments and trench widths, the Katherm HK is the solution for the most diverse building requirements.

Air flow-optimised
The arrangement and air guidance have both been optimised on the Katherm HK and guarantee maximum comfort levels in all rooms.The unit is enhanced with air flow-optimised roll-up and linear grilles.

Matching grilles
We have the right grille and the right frame trim for every installation situation – even incorporating curves, angles and slopes.
We also supply decorative wooden grilles in addition to our metallic Optiline grilles made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

We look at the environmental impact of our products over the entire life cycle – “cradle to cradle”! This results in Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). EPDs can be easily submitted for all common building sustainability certification systems, such as DGNB, BREEAM or LEED, and are available in the Download area. In addition, the product is registered in the building products platform DGNB Navigator.