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The Montpellier Old Style Cast Iron Radiator

Inspired by the daring simplicity of daisies to bring beauty to any room

The Montpellier old style cast iron radiator, also known as the “daisy radiator”, is an alluring decorative style cast iron radiator. The Montpellier’s origins lie in France in the late 1890’s. The seductive design emits romance with its delicate daisy and ribbons pattern, which flows from the ornate foot of the radiator to the top.

The Montpellier lends itself well to a hand-painted highlight finish or a hand-polish effect, which only serves to accentuate and add more charm to this cast iron radiator – a genuinely captivating centrepiece for any room.

Height: 590 MM / from 57 € / section
Height: 790 MM / from 75 € / section
3–40 sections

We have a large range of carefully selected valves and accessories that have been designed to both enhance and compliment your cast iron radiators. We hope you find everything you need.

You’re able to choose from a broad selection of styles and finishes to ensure your valves and accessories perfectly match your radiator and interior.

Our high-quality range includes wall stays, valves, pipe sleeves, air vents, and bush ends. Meaning you’ll find both essential items as well as accessories to add finesse within our collection.

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We understand the importance of getting the exact colour you’re looking for. Whether you want your cast iron radiator to seamlessly blend with your wall colour, or you have a colour in mind you know will complement your aesthetic perfectly, we’re on hand to help.

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