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Rift is a designer radiator made up of extruded aluminium modules which can be arranged horizontally or vertically, aligned, unaligned or inverted, in order to form sculptural, symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions.

This designer radiator was designed to satisfy the customisation needs of any designer. Indeed, two different module sizes are available (15 or 24 cm wide), which can be combined in several colours and layouts, exploiting the various lengths and heights of the actual modules, for the utmost radiator customisation to suit individual needs, tastes and fit with the actual size of the space to be heated.

The versatility of this designer radiator is further enhanced by the line of accessories, which includes shelves – in natural wood or lacquered – that make it perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, along with towel rail elements and hooks, which are ideal for the bathroom.

Available in both the hydraulic and the electric versions, the Rift radiator is the result of a significant, patented technical innovation: fitted with a single manifold with a fixed 5 cm pitch, it is connected to the household heating system by concealed connections, without the need to accommodate specific pitches. This makes it the perfect solution for refurbishment work.

Rift is an excellent designer radiator also in terms of sustainability and energy savings; it is made of fully recyclable aluminium, and in the hydraulic version it contains 85% less water than a conventional tubular radiator, guaranteeing the same superior heat output despite the reduced water content.

The ideal radiator for customers on the look-out for a designer statement piece for their home, without compromising on functionality and energy efficiency.